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Search Engine Optimization

We would like to outline a service we are currently offering, that might be of interest to all of you. It is an on going search engine optimization process involving on page and off page optimization of your website.

1.   Term of the agreement: 12 months.

2.   Initial work to be done within the first 30 days:

  • Install a detailed traffic tracking script.
  • Select 4-8 key words (search phrases) that best represent the products and/or services you provide.
  • Verify that all pages of your website have been indexed by the major search engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo). Submitting your website to those search engines if required. Modifying your website structure if required to allow for all pages to be indexed.
  • Also submitting and verifying the website presence in other (70+) free popular search engines and online directories.
  • Analyze other top websites competing for the selected key words and formulate a long-term strategy to successfully place your website at the top of search engines results list. 

3.   Work to be done on a continues and systematic bases:

  • Fine tuning your website to achieve just the right key words visibility and density.
  • Building back links optimized for the selected key words.
  • Submitting the website to key industry specific Internet directories.

4.   Results, tracking and reporting.

  • You can check detailed website traffic reports at any time.
  • Albo Digital will be preparing various weekly and monthly reports showing the current standing of the website in regards to the selected key phrase on the major search engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo). The reports can be viewed online and/or can be forwarded to you by email.

5.   An indicator for performance assessment.

  • Visibility Score: Let's say we will be tracking 5 key phrase in 5 search engines up to the 30th position (first 3 pages). For each showing we assign a score as follows: If the website places is in 1st position for a given key phrase we will count that as 30 points, in the 2nd position we will count that as 29 points, in 3rd 30th 1. The maximum visibility score would be achieved when for each key phrase the website would place on the 1st position for all 5 search engines.
  • Max Visibility Score is: 5 x 5 x 30 = 750
  • Actual Visibility Score expressed in %. For example if for all key phrases the website come on the 10th position in all 5 search engines the visibility score would be 5 x 5 x 21 = 525. For convenience we will show that as a % of the maximum visibility score, in this case it would be 70%.

6.   Promise of performance

  • Within 3 months the visibility score will be at or above 50% (average 15th position)
  • Within 6 months the visibility score will be at or above 70% (average 10th position)
  • Within 9 months the visibility score will be at or above 85% (average 5th position)

7.   Fee for the service

  • The fee will be quoted based on a particular website and key phrases selected. Typically we would anticipate $100 - $500 CAD per key phrase per month.

8.   Monthly payment subject to performance.

  • Should Albo Digital fail to deliver projected performance (average weekly visibility score) for a given month as indicated in paragraph 6, the payment for that month can be suspended.