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A well managed web site is an on going project. You should constantly update information, incorporate new technologies and refresh your visual appeal to attract and retain your visitors.
Conventional web design no longer fulfills the above goals in a time and cost effective manner.  In such a case the best solution is to build web sites using
a Content Management System. (CMS)
The CMS we are utilizing has been developed in house by our programmers. It is easy to use(no programming skills required), browser based  (no specialized software needed) and search engine friendly. Anyone with basic computer skills can mange their web site.




One of the main goals of a web site is to draw vast numbers of clients.
There are several factors that will determine your success in that quest:

    * a web site needs to be appealing and easy to navigate
    * a web site should contain interesting, valuable and relevant information
    * the content should be updated and new content added to retain visitors
    * a web site should be easily optimized for search engines

Albo Content Management System offers the following features:

    * unlimited number of pages containing formatted text and images
    * unlimited number of photo galleries with unlimited number of digital photos
    * online library of downloadable files (brochures, newsletters, applications etc.)
    * unlimited number of contact forms
    * advertising banners, highlighting parts of your web site or promoting partner's web sites
    * unlimited number of data sets (product catalogs, guest books, directories etc.)
    * user sign up form (multiple groups)
    * user account management
    * each page designated as public or members only
    * shopping basket with integrated PayPal and Moneris (Canadian Banks) payment processing
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" ALBO CMS - perfect for end users and graphic designers"